Concerns with linear drains

Concerns with linear drains


If you create a bath area in your bathroom, a draining system is essential. This is one of the key issues when preparing a bath area, which is becoming a more and more popular alternative to shower cabins. What to keep in mind when preparing such a zone?

Linear and wall drains

There are several technologies for draining water from the shower enclosure without the traditional shower tray. The most commonly used are longitudinal linear drains, which are made of a suitably wide strip draining water to the sewer. However, it is worthwhile to consider the drainage dimensions in order to efficiently collect water from the entire cabin without draining it off the drain. There is no one universal rule, so before choosing the drain you should carefully sketch the dimensions of the shower and with a simple diagram go to the distributor, who advises the most optimal dimensions and parameters of the outflow. It is worthwhile to take the decision to use a linear drainage before starting the installation of underfloor heating. Otherwise, improper installation of the drain can damage the floor heating coils.

Linear drains – remember about the floor fall!

If you have bought a shower enclosure with a ready-made shower tray, then the only problem is to properly level the shower tray. We do not have to worry about draining the water to the sewer as each paddock is appropriately shaped and ensures proper drops for the water flow. In the case of linear outlets, the drop should be ensured by arranging the tiles correctly. On the market you can also buy ready-made components with a slope towards the factory built-in linear drain. On such an element it is possible to make waterproofing and tile laying. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this type of product is often a small choice of dimensions, which slightly narrows the possibilities of space development in the bathroom. It is, however, recommended product for people who have very little or no experience in laying tiles, and want to do these work yourself.

Bathing areas, popular showers without shower, are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to use this solution in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to talk to specialists who will help you with all the details.

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