Homemade ways to get clogged shower drains

Homemade ways to get clogged shower drains


It starts innocently: the water flowing into the bubbling tube. Then it flows slower, not as smoothly as before. And at the end a little home drama with a plumber in the background. So how can we fix the clogged shower drain by home methods?

The easiest way is to prevent shower drains

There are two main ways to prevent congestion in pipes and outflows. One of them is to prevent the leakage of hair, scraps of packaging, which over time build in the flow of cumbersome cork. For this purpose we put a strainer on the drain, which effectively stops any impurities. Expenditure of the order of just a few pounds, and a huge facilitation. Do you think the white plastic strainer will ruin the effect in the shower? Who said it must be white and plastic? Among the designs available on the market we will find not only plastic, but also chrome and silicone, in different colors and shapes, such as flower-shaped or pebble-like decoration. Prices of silicone adorned dresses range between 4-7 pounds.

The second method is the current flushing of the soaked soap sludge to which the falling impurities stick. Pour into the pipes a few liters of salted boiling water, boiled vinegar or water mixed with vinegar and brought to boil once a week. Regularly flush will prevent and at least delay. This is a method that requires consistency, which often determines its failure.

Home remedies for fixing clogged shower drains

We can use soda ash, vinegar and boiling water to dissolve the blast in the home drain. Mix soda and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 3. The mixture immediately begins to blink, so we need to pour it into the drain as soon as possible. After 5-15 minutes, rinse with a few liters of boiling water. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda into the drain, and then pour about half a glass of vinegar into it. The mixture will produce a foam that will drain the shower drain. After a few minutes, pour boiling water into the drain.

There are also ecological remedies available in household waste water treatment plants. They contain bacteria that process impurities and prevent further deposition. These agents are good to use prophylactically once every few weeks.

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