Modern pan needed in your kitchen

Modern pan needed in your kitchen


High-quality cookware must be found in every kitchen. The type of frying pan influences the quality of the dishes and their taste, convenience in preparing meals and washing dishes. In your kitchen lacks a solid, resistant frying pan? It’s time to change it! Check out what models are particularly appreciated by the most demanding cooking lovers.

Frying pan with non-stick coating

Do you want to eat healthy? Avoid artificial, secreting harmful Teflon compounds. In the kitchen, it will be perfectly replaced by ceramics – a natural and neutral for our body material. The properties of pans with a non-stick ceramic layer match popular Teflon coatings. Thanks to the special coating, the food does not stick to the bottom and walls of the dish during frying. To conveniently fry pancakes or meat, you do not have to flood the food with fat – a few drops of oil or oil is enough! It is convenient not only to fry, but also to wash dishes. Importantly, modern coatings allow food to be processed at relatively low temperatures, so that dishes retain more nutrients.

Metal spatulas can destroy the delicate coating. Always use wooden or silicone tools for housing and applying food (you’ll find them on page

Reliable steel

A good alternative to non-stoic pans are stainless steel dishes. High-quality steel containing a high concentration of nickel and chromium is resistant to scratches and external factors – high temperature, water, chemicals, pressure. These types of dishes maintain their temperature for a long time, which reduces the time needed to cook meals and reduces the amount of energy consumed. Importantly, you can wash steel pots in the dishwasher.



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