Nearshore development services

Nearshore development services


Most large and medium-sized enterprises have been cooperating with specialized external partners for a long time and using outsourcing services in various areas. IT or HR areas are very popular, also accounting, security, administration and real estate management are selected.

A popular outsourcing model

Outsourcing itself, as a business model, has been several dozen years old. During this period, it evolved, offered increasingly comprehensive services and supported more and more complex processes in companies. Preferences for the location of companies providing outsourcing services, in particular in the IT area, also changed.

Where it was possible and justified, relatively expensive services of local contractors were gradually replaced by services provided remotely by cheaper Asian companies. Initially, companies were enthusiastic about offshoring as a model of outsourcing services, mainly due to low costs of such services. However, over time, customers began to pay attention to the inconvenience associated with cultural differences, distant time zones, often poor quality of services received. The issues of information security and compliance of the legislation also turned out to be a big problem.

Nearshore development services

Recently, the range of services provided by outsourcing companies in the region, i.e. nearshore development services or nearshore it, is very popular. On the one hand, the nearshore development service is relatively close to the client, both geographically and culturally, and on the other hand, nearshore it still provides significantly lower labor costs for specialists, though undoubtedly higher than in the Far East. For companies from Western European countries, they will be nearshore development service mainly from the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and for American or Canadian companies, eg outsourcers from Mexico or South America. An additional advantage of nearshore it is the possibility of providing services in a mixed model, in a way in which some services are carried out remotely, and some are provided by local contractors’ resources in the service recipient’s locations.

The nearshore software development seems to be a great solution. We can implement nearshore software development when we want to manage our company even better. It is worth remembering that nearshore software development programs are not expensive. By opting for nearshore softwares development, we can significantly expand our company’s services.

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