Very popular wet room kit shower tray

Very popular wet room kit shower tray


Many companies offer the opportunity to purchase both devices in a set. However, there is no problem to fit them when they come from different manufacturers.

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Before we buy a shower cabin, first we have to decide where it will go. Other models are installed in the bathroom corner, others on the wall, and others in the recess. In large bathing salons, freestanding booths look very attractive, which can be set in any place. When we look at the example arrangements of showering in bathroom salons or on websites, we see both products – shower and shower – perfectly matched to each other dimensions and shapes.

This will be the case if the company offers ready sets. However, it often happens that we prefer to buy a shower and a cabin separately. The reasons may be different, for example the original shape or color, or the attractive price of any of the products. Then we only need to check with the seller or in assembly instructions the series of the element chosen by us to match the other.

Difficult choice wet room kit shower tray

Wet room kit shower tray and cabin selected from the offer of the same company and from the same design line is a convenient solution. Thanks to the fact that both devices are matched to each other, it guarantees us the simple assembly and tightness of all connections. And it is not always so easy, especially that in semi-round models the wet room kit shower trays shape can be different than showering. However, each cabin has the ability to adjust (usually in the range of about 1 cm), which allows us to optimally set it to the wet room kit shower trays and curvature of the walls. An important advantage of the ready set is also that it can often be bought at a promotional price. It is also worth noting that some manufacturers propose to one cabin not one, but several shower trays. They have the same shape and dimensions as the cabin, but differ in height, color and design.

If none of the ready sets do not like us or we want to have a different shower tray than with acrylic (this is the most often proposed in sets), we can buy both devices separately. It is not difficult, because many companies specialize only in one or the other assortment. However, we have to check directly with the seller or read in the user manual, which design series the device comes from to select the second one. We can also use special configurators that can be found on the manufacturers’ websites. To the same shower tray model, we can usually buy from several to several dozens of different cabins from many manufacturers (from cheap to luxurious). Remember, however, that in popular dimensions and shapes the choice is quite large, while in non-standard ones – a small one.

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