Where can we find the linear drain?

Where can we find the linear drain?


Linear drains are constructed of longitudinal trays with a settling section and siphon. Trays are most often shaped like elongated rectangles, although they can also be purchased angular or curved into a smooth curve. The mentioned linear drains are an increasingly popular solution. What is the standard linear drain? What to do when it breaks down?

Standard linear drain in bathrooms

The gutters vary in length. It ranges from 711 to 1211 mm. It is possible to bring a customary gutter of 1511 mm. There are several types of elements visible from the outside. They are divided according to the material from which they were made. We distinguish among others cover, perforated in various patterns, adapted to paste the tiles and glass in several colors. Angular gutters are also offered on the market and for natural stone stonework up to 20 mm thick. Using the feet to set and level the gutter is optional. It’s about aesthetic issues.

Practical decisions about the proper flow of water will determine the appropriate siphon. The difference lies mainly in the amount of water that is received by the siphon. This is important when choosing a shower battery. The more water it will fall on the floor, the more capacious the siphon is needed, and its size will, unfortunately, also affect the height of the drainage gutter and thus the mounting capacity. What to do as linear drain breaks down?

What to do when linear drain breaks down?

If the item in our bathroom breaks down, we should not panic. It is worth trying at home for the first time. Mix half a glass of salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder and 5 teaspoons of baking soda. Ingredients must be thoroughly mixed. The resulting mixture should be poured into the outlet of the clogged pipe. If water is standing, it is best to remove it first, eg with a mug or a ladle. Actions will only be effective if there is not much water left. As soon as possible, pour half a cup of vinegar into the drain. Let your potion work for another 20 minutes. Insert a longer piece of thin wire or similar (metal) and gently push the embankment.

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